The Swapper Review (PS4)

The Swapper is a puzzle-platformer released for PlayStation 4 on August 5, 2014. It was developed by @facepalmgames, @ottobeing@carlojump, @TomJubert and published by Facepalm Games. For more info check out their site.

Space, the final frontier. Both for human exploration and, in the case of Facepalm Game’s mind-bending game The Swapper, puzzle solving. But The Swapper is so much more than puzzles. It’s about the atmosphere. It’s about the story. It’s about the prodding, ethical questions brought about by cloning and transferring your conscious. The Swapper really challenges the player’s perception of conscious and forces you to question what you are at your core. It’s really good science fiction and very reminiscent of some of the best Star Trek episodes I’ve ever seen. Continue reading →