Stephan’s Top 10 Games of 2019

Here are my 10 favourite games of the year that was 2019.

Alleged Sexual Harassment at IGN

Yesterday former IGN freelance writer and later social media editor Kallie Plagge wrote on Twitter about sexual harassment she allegedly received at IGN. Plagge writes that the harassment came from former IGN editor Vince Ingenito and “included uncomfortable compliments (‘Guys don’t like skinny girls. You’re perfect’), manipulative and abusive comments (‘[The guys he assumed I... Continue Reading →

My Gamescom 2017 Experience

This past week I was incredibly fortunate to be able to attend one of the largest video game conventions in the world: Gamescom. Held in the beautiful Cologne, Germany, Gamescom is a weeklong meeting of the gaming industries biggest companies and most passionate fans. I attended as an employee of Blot Interactive thanks to the... Continue Reading →

Everything Wrong with Dunkey

UPDATE 08/11/2018: Look, this article doesn't reflect what I believe anymore. It was written in an evening more as a compilation of talking points for a conversation I was having with my roommate, and then blew up afterwards when he posted it to the official Dunkey subreddit. To see where I stand today please read... Continue Reading →

Digital Blackface

Shakespeare's Othello is one of the earliest and most successful plays starring a character of colour in the history of Western theatre. It's a tragic tale of one man's love for a woman who is prohibited from returning his love based on their different skin colour. It's also one of the earliest and most famous... Continue Reading →

Arby’s Really Loves Games

Something really weird and really awesome has been happening on the Arby's Twitter lately. It seems an incredibly talented marketer is in charge and they're doing beautiful things. Using pieces of Arby's boxes, Arby's sauce packets and anything else they can find, they have been making pictures of pieces and props from games or stop... Continue Reading →

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