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Everything Wrong with Dunkey

UPDATE 08/11/2018:

Look, this article doesn’t reflect what I believe anymore. It was written in an evening more as a compilation of talking points for a conversation I was having with my roommate, and then blew up afterwards when he posted it to the official Dunkey subreddit.

To see where I stand today please read my new post About my Dunkey Article…

I’m not going to delete this post because I think it’s important for posterity at least, and so I can look back in a couple years for a good dose of embarrassment. Anyways, here it remains.


Trigger Warning: This article contains sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, mentions (with links to depictions) of physical and sexual abuse, mentions of paedophilia, many slurs.

There’s a YouTuber named Dunkey who’s quite popular, with 3.4 million subscribers and millions of views within days of each new video. He’s famous in the video game community for his brutal takedowns of bad games and his genuine adoration for others. However there’s a thread through his content over the years that anyone who’s tried to honestly critique the video game community can clearly recognize as typical “Gamer” shittiness. Dunkey uses homophobic, ableist, racist and sexist slurs in his videos. He thinks it’s hilarious to beat and murder women in his videos and often screams sexist pejoratives while doing so. As of this writing, he’s never apologized for any of it and continues to make money off it.

Anyone who supports Dunkey needs to know that they’re supporting a man who’s said such horrible things as “big tits bimbo” in reference to Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite and told Dora the Explorer to “suck my dick” (which is in fact paedophilia). Let’s break down everything wrong with Dunkey into categories:

Violence Against Women

Dunkey has repeatedly released videos in which he finds it hilarious to beat and murder female characters in the games he plays. Dunkey reinforces the dangerous misconception that women are less than human, that they’re objects existing for the enjoyment of men. Here’s just a sample:

  • Murders woman (Source)
  • Beats woman (Source)
  • Beats more women (Source)
  • Punches woman until she falls over, calls her “tramp” (Source)
  • Beats more women (Source)
  • Shows brutal slitting of woman’s throat (Source)
  • Objectifies women, then murders them (Source)
  • Calls woman “dumb b*tch”, then kills her (Source)
  • Kills woman (Source)
  • Beats another woman (Source)
  • Beats two more women (Source)
  • Kills another woman, calls her “b*tch” (Source)
  • Murders cowering woman, ogles her naked dead corpse (Source)

It’s like a montage of how many different ways you can be a sexist piece of shit on YouTube, but there’s more.


Dunkey is white. So it’s pretty unbelievable when in his rap video for Red Dead Redemption he repeatedly uses the n-word and other racist slurs (Source). In a karaoke section of one video game, Dunkey purposefully mocks the Japanese song, singing gibberish (Source). In another video for Sleeping Dogs, a video game set in Hong Kong, Dunkey walks up to some Asian women in a market and flatly states, “All you Asian people look the same to me” (Source).


Blatant Misogyny

Dunkey almost exclusively calls women “B*tch” in his videos, often times before or after abusing or murdering them which he believes to be funny. But there’s nothing funny about what he’s doing. He does it so often I gave up trying to sort through it all and resigned to the fact it’s an integral part of his content. Take a listen:

  • Calls Fat Princess “That b*tch” (Source)
  • Calls another woman “stupid fucking b*tch” (Source)
  • Says “fuck a lot of wh*res” (Source) and again (Source)
  • Says “Shut up dumb b*tch” (Source) and “shut the fuck up you stupid b*tch” (Source)
  • Says “I’m gonna go fuck a wh*re” (Source)
  • Says “I found this black b*tch and she’s got bigger tits” (Source)
  • Calls character “This b*tch” (Source)
  • Calls Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite “big tits bimbo” (Source)
  • Calls Elizabeth “dumb b*tch” (Source)
  • Still thinks it’s funny to objectify women (Source)
  • Calls the main character a “prostitute” (Source)
  • Says “make your b*tches booty drop” (Source)
  • Screams “b*tches” at female characters (Source)
  • Calls woman “dumb b*tch” and shoots her (Source)
  • Plays Dora game, calls her a “pussy” (Source)
  • Tells Dora to “suck my dick” which would be paedophilia (Source)
  • Says “Got a lot of wh*res” (Source)
  • Raps “b*tches leaving chores cause they think they got an ass, I’ll escort these hoes out and say I’m taking out the trash “ (Source)
  • Calls woman “vile, dirt, filth wh*re… all used up and disgusting“ (Source)
  • On a select your gender screen he picked male and said “Select your difficulty? I pick hard” insinuating being a woman is easier (Source)

He also used a sexualized woman in a thumbnail, using a gay slur because of course he did:


This feeds into the next issue with Dunkey’s content.


Dunkey has also used gay slurs in his content. In a video for the N64 game Glover Dunkey refers to one of the enemies as a “f*ggot” (Source). In another video for Max Payne 3, Dunkey was commenting on the game’s music, stating it’s “so awesome that you could just be doing the gayest shit” and then plays the game music over video of him cracking an egg (Source). He’s insinuating that cooking is a gay thing I guess? The point is that he has no problem using homophobic slurs and demonstrates a complete disregard and disdain for LGBT folks. In another video for the multiplayer game Blackwater, he includes one of his friends saying “It’s not gay if you’re at sea for several days” confirming that not only is Dunkey homophobic but so are his friends (Source).


Dunkey is also no stranger to using slurs against those with learning disabilities. He uses the word “retarded” as a pejorative here, here, here and here. I found counts of Dunkey’s disregard and insults for those with learning disabilities from 2012 to a couple months ago. He really sees no issue with what he’s doing.

Getting Banned from League of Legends

In 2015 Dunkey was banned from League of Legends for saying:


He goes on to say in his video that “I can understand being banned for cheating or going afk or feeding on purpose but talking shit to some guy that is a total dumbass? What is this? Fucking pussy-ass baby preschool time?” (Source). This clearly indicates Dunkey has no understanding of how words can affect people and how utterly oblivious he is to the notion of other player’s feelings. It’s clear to the viewer that this whole whiny video is just a result of Dunkey’s feelings being hurt and instead of reflecting on what behaviour led to his situation he chooses to blame Riot Games for failing to appreciate him. He believes he is more important than the other players and exceptions should be made for him because he’s a YouTuber.

The whole video is essentially Dunkey throwing a tantrum, it’s disgusting and embarrassing. With this perspective, it’s no wonder that Dunkey can say such horrendous things about women and minorities without any guilt or regard for how his words might affect them. He is a callous, conceited man whose arrogance really is what’s making the video game community such a toxic, uninviting place.


Dunkey has made transphobic remarks more than once over the years. He referred to Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite as “Urkel with tits” (Source) purposefully misgendering her. In another video, Dunkey refers to Nicki Minaj as Jay Z’s husband “Nick Garage” also purposefully misgendering her (Source). Dunkey believes that misgendering women is some hilarious insult when in fact it’s grossly transphobic.

The Team Siren Mockery

One of Dunkey’s most famous videos is one in which he mocks the first all-female League of Legends team, named Team Siren. He falsely paints them as man-hating, unintelligible whiny girls, which if you watch the original video couldn’t be farther from the truth. What Team Siren was trying to do with their formation and their announcement video was show the world that there’s room in the eSports scene for women to compete. And yeah it used dubstep and some flashy transitions but that’s just eSports, you can’t single out Team Siren for these things.


But Dunkey couldn’t let that be and he thought it’d be best to create another video mocking them which he titled “Dead Serious Girl Gamers” because of course he fucking did how dare women try to get into games. He broke down each aspect of the trailer with his own voice over, imitating each woman in a mocking, whiny voice and teasing them. It’s frustrating to watch considering how discouraging it already is for many women to get into games without shitheads like Dunkey treating tearing them down just for doing so.

The “Guide to Girls”

One of the most egregious videos Dunkey has made, and one of the ones that launched his career, is a video entitled “League of Legends : Guide to Girls” Dunkey states that about 95% of his viewers are male, so he’s going to tell them how to pick up girls in League. But before that he goes through some comments from viewers saying they’re women, calling one a “stuck-up b*tch” (Source). He then proceeds to tell the presumed male viewer that you need to identify which people in your lobby are playing as female heroes, those are your most likely “targets.” He says you should make sure you let those heroes kill you because “girls like it when you let them win” (Source), implying that female players can’t play on male player’s level.


He then proceeds to say “but you also have to show them that you don’t take shit from them, from that stupid b*tch that I’m the man in this relationship!” (Source). He then goes around targeting all the female heroes, claiming he’s “sending them to hell” and that no one else can kill them screaming “she’s mine! That’s my woman!” (Source).

He released a follow-up video called “Guide to Girls 2” in which he claims “I’ve become the forthright authority on League of Legends women” and that he’s talked to “all 150 girls in League” during which he flashes up a card with “Actual (boobs + vagina)” written on it (Source). This only further illustrates Dunkey’s sexism and transphobia, reducing them to their sex appeal and genitalia. He refers to the women who play League of Legends as “stupid bimbos” and for the rest of the video he goes on about the different types of “b*tches” you’ll encounter and how to course them.

Don’t Support Him

I want to close out by just saying that supporting Dunkey is supporting sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism and a toxic gaming community. Dunkey represents much of what’s wrong with the video game community and why it’s so shitty and abusive towards anyone who is not a straight, white male. While people will try to defend him, saying he doesn’t demonstrate these beliefs in every single video, it shouldn’t matter because the fact he demonstrates these beliefs at all is reason enough to end your support. And some may even say that just because he makes these “jokes” doesn’t mean he believes them, which a) if he’s making the jokes he believes they’re funny and b) when you have an audience of millions it doesn’t matter if you believe it because you are normalizing that kind of behaviour.

If you look at the patterns of behaviour over the years it’s impossible to deny this is a really shitty guy. He rose to fame off of sexist content, and while he may not murder a woman in every video he carries all of that misogyny with him in all his work. If you read through all of this and are still okay with supporting him then you’re just as bad as he is. I implore anyone still reading to look for new artists to support who don’t use their platform to say and do such horrible things to already victimized and vulnerable people.

People who’ve worked with Dunkey (to avoid): cr1tikal, Sky Williams, Dyrus, LeahBee
Alternative YouTubers with great content: Polygon, Feminist Frequency, Pockets Full of Soup

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  1. Caitlyn

    This post is Bias. When suggesting other YouTubers you only mentioned ones that share identical radical feminist views such as yourself. Would it not be better just to reference YouTubers who are moderate or are capable of viewing both sides. Also, Feminist Frequency is similar to VideoGameDunkey just in the opposite manner, but I guess since you agree with the views she can say all the fake shit she wants and you’ll just drool all over her.

    • Thanks for reading Caitlyn 🙂 I think you meant “is biased” but everyone is influenced by their beliefs, true objectivity is impossible. I believe that we should do everything we possibly can do get rid of discrimination, whether that discrimination comes in the form of gendered slurs or racist language. Also your comment implies I’m incapable of viewing both sides. I’m very capable of viewing both sides actually. You say FemFreq is “similar in the opposite manner” which is true, they both make YouTube videos about games but FemFreq makes the important decision to not victimize or attack marginalized and oppressed groups of our society. Her videos are well researched, widely supported and her work has earned her a lot of esteem from the games industry. For example, she consulted with Neil Druckman on The Last of Us which by no small coincidence features some of the most well developed, realistic characters of any AAA game ever made. That’s the kind of change I want to see in games.

      • Clive campbell

        Why would you support feminist frequency when they steal gameplay from smaller content creators and use it in their videos without crediting. I’m also not even going to mention the 120k scam they ran on kickstarter

      • Hey Clive, thanks for reading 🙂 Feminist Frequency promised a season of Tropes vs Women in Games and they delivered. Haven’t looked into stolen gameplay, but who hasn’t used other people’s vids tbh. Have a swell day ❤

      • Ur a fucking idiot

      • Gooby Duber

        Did you just mansplain the phrase “is biased” to her you misogynist piece of shit?

  2. you are fucking retarded

    • Hey thanks for reading 🙂 I hope you’ll avoid using ableist slurs in the future, not only do they reflect badly on you but they hurt actual people with learning disabilities in our society.

      • Hey man, as someone who’s actually mentally disabled, saying retarded doesn’t actually hurt me, I’m fine, I don’t need this dude to foot a medical bill or nothing, I’m fine.

        But, I am having a good laugh at how retarded you are.

      • Hey thanks for reading 🙂 I understand you might not be upset over ableist slurs, but you certainly don’t speak for everyone and recognizing why that type of language is an issue is an important step towards becoming a more empathetic, better person ❤

      • My god your a little snowflake pussy

  3. TotallyNotRatboys

    I’m not sure whether this is sarcasm, trolling, or an obvious opinion. Honestly. I mean, your comment about “All you Asian people look the same to me” includes a picture where three characters, in the same frame, have the same character skin.

    • I agree that comment about Asians looking the same was motivated by the fact they all had the same character model but Dunkey should’ve known better than to make a joke about not being able to tell Asians apart when that’s a form of racism Asian people face in our society. Ignorance isn’t funny it’s just a part of the problem.

      • Snoooooflakkee. Y do u get ur feelings hurt by everything everyone knows he’s just joking around you just made this post because you thought it would make your stupid ass website better

      • As someone who is Asian, I can tell you that most of us aren’t offfended when people say things like that (maybe slightly annoyed, but that’s it). I can’t tell most white celebrities apart and some people can’t tell Asians apart. Please waste your energy on something that does matter.

      • Jac Ciminera

        It sounds like you really struggle to understand humor on find mental level. In addition when dunkey does a video he does them as the character ‘videogamedunkey’ he’s not expressing his own opinions but those of an ignorant person with a limited vocabulary what he says is comedic because it is so absurd. But whatever people spin it however they want to so if fits their world view.

      • Someone who understands Prepositional Calculus and Logic

        I’m Asian and I know many Asians.

        I can tell you no one gives two shits.

        Only people with far too much time on their hands would try to give a shit. And guess what . . . Most of the time they aren’t even a proper “representative” of that ethnicity or group.

        How will we progress if every little thing is blown up out of proportion.

        It’s a YouTube channel dedicated to being entertaining to the common denominator without rhyme and without reason.

        No different than an actor portraying someone completely different from themselves.

        I feel sorry for the absolute lack of logcial you must have to be able to circulate yourself into this position of “I’m right, everyone else is wrong”.

        Pure objectivoty may not exist to you. But I can see quite clearly when none of those have anything to do with me.

      • “I feel sorry for the absolute lack of logical you must have”



  4. if you watched dunkey’s 100k subs face reveal you would realize that he is of puerto rican descent

  5. Hello there! I’m a long time VideoGameDunkey fan, so I’m going to take a bit of a defensive position to pretty much any criticism lobbed against him. I’d like to begin on a positive note and talk about the fact that I always think it is important for us to question comedy, as what we find humorous is deeply rooted in trying to make sense of often complex situations that cause us discomfort. I think some of the most important points are brought up in the homophobia and lack of racial awareness. While he has ‘matured’ much in these regards (he has refrained from using gay as a negative word and has not said “nigga” in quite some time), I think it’s always important to probe the content to understand exactly where these pieces of humor that reside on the edge of acceptability come from. In the case of Jason calling things ‘gay’, I feel that a line has been crossed. There is no satire in his words; he purely refers to people or things he doesn’t like as gay. Furthermore, I feel like his material has been pointlessly misogynistic in the past, particularly with the Team Siren video. There are criticisms that can be leveled against Team Siren. Like the rest of the E-sports scene, they are rather silly in how they present themselves. Perhaps more annoyingly they made some ostensibly false statements about being the first all female pro-team. While these certainly are critisisable, Dunkey’s video never brings these points up in a reasonable fashion and, when gaming culture is dominated by misogyny and lack of cultural respect to this day, his work feels more like a mean-spirited ‘slam’ than a joke.

    With that said, I’m not fully in agreement with many of the other areas where this article criticises Jason’s humor and behavior. I’m going to have to play the ‘it’s satire’ card for several of these videos. In my interpretation, the ‘Guide to Girls’ video is a very clear self-depreciating commentary about the exact toxic gaming culture you are accusing him of perpetuating. It seems obvious to me he is spearheading the awkward and misogynistic outlook the League of Legends (the gaming community as a whole, rather!) players tend to express. The set-up is that Dunkey makes horrid comments about women, but that is not the punchline; the Dunkey character is supposed to be presented as vile and annoying there. The punchline is the fact that there are horrible people who believe these things. There are other moments throughout this article which seem to miss the context around jokes, though none of those jokes are actually as critical of the gaming scene as ‘Guide to Girls’. As another commenter mentioned, in the section of racism Jason states a traditionally racist phrase in response to duplicate models. I do not believe there is any malicious intent nor malicious undertone to this; the humor comes exactly from the absurdity of such a horrid thing being said, not the racist sentiment. These is another moment, on the IQ Test video, and seems grossly mischaracterised. Perhaps I’m not seeing a darker side implied by the statement, but I fully believe that there’s no malicious undertone to Jason’s statement; instead he is playing off of a seemingly useless selection and comparing it, seemingly randomly, to a difficulty selection. The humor is the absurdity. I do not mean to state that misogyny is somehow acceptable when compared to a ‘greater evil’, but with other comedians at large who have openly expressed racist ideals, like JonTron, these feel nickpicky. Jason’s humor is by and large very violent, but it is not exclusively violent to women. It certainly can be argued that it is worse, as he uses some charged language, but his insults haven’t been limited simply to that group.

    With all that said, I, once more, wanted to end on a positive note by repeating that I think it’s good to question humor, especially in the context of gaming which has a vile community. I agree that Jason has made many jokes that cross the line, but I also do not believe that all of his humor is rooted in misogyny. Perhaps I’m attributing too much self-awareness to the world (if Youtube comments are anything to go by, I certainly am!), but I think in many moments (Guide to Girls) Jason has highlighted the rougher portions of gaming in a way the people are able to understand and properly criticise in a comedic fashion. Thanks for writing this thought-provoking piece!

    • Hey thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to write such a long, personal reply! 🙂

      You’re right that a lot of the issues I found were in his earlier content (ie 2012 – 2014) but the fact that he never addressed these issues, he never apologized for any of it and continues to profit from it speaks to a disregard for those he attacked with his words and actions.

      You say “play the ‘it’s satire’ card” but satire can be improperly executed and end up perpetuating the thing it sets out to mock, which I believe happens in Dunkey’s content.
      Satire is not above reproach, and Dunkey’s “Guide to Girls” video might have been meant as a commentary on the toxic gaming community (although I doubt it) it ended up being a pretty gross string of slurs and hateful comments towards women. You are correct that Dunkey’s work isn’t exclusively violent towards women, but he’s creating this content in the context of a society where violence against women is a much bigger problem than violence against men and by performing such violence and laughing at it, even in a video game, is problematic.

      Thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to write a reply!

      • Someone who understands Prepositional Calculus and Logic

        He has nothing to apologize for is the thing.

        You assert a position that he is in the wrong without backing it up with any evidence.

        His YouTube persona perpetuates these acts in a manner of satire.

        Perhaps you are too dull to understand how one might become so numb to this cruel world that all they can do is laugh in spite of it.

        There will always be people looking to vindicate their misguided beliefs and may make truth out of Du key’s satirical persona . . . This is no different than flatearthers or anti-vaxxors searching specifically for “proof” to reaffirm their beliefs.

        For the rest of the world, I believe they have at least a basic grasp of logic and reason and can understand satire and dark humor and why some people may turn to it.

        Unfortunately, you don’t seem to grasp this rather simple concept.

        I’m nothing special. Yet I can grasp the concept so easily.

        Perhaps you should be the one trying to broaden your mental horizons and step out of your cave.

        Bonus points, if you even get that reference.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever read a more obnoxious comment in my life…

  6. Chooky Poots

    I’m at a loss for words at how cringe-y this is. Stay triggered, keep crying, and let the rest of us enjoy some quality content.

    • Hey thanks for reading 🙂 we’re not triggered, we aren’t crying and we simply look for more in our content than cheap, sexist “jokes.”

      • From the look of your article mate(s), it seems as if the *only* thing you’re looking for is cheap, sexist jokes.

      • Hey thanks for reading 🙂 it wasn’t the only thing I was looking for, you’ll notice he’s also made a lot of racist, transphobic jokes as well.

      • Ur a faggot retard pussy bitch cunt Fuck what else do I need to offend a snowflake o ya your a snowflake

  7. Dunkey’s videos are pure satire, and should be viewed as such. On top of that many of your points are entirely reaching, and some of your “evidence” is being blatantly taken out of context. Has Dunkey said/done some things he shouldn’t have? Of course, no one is perfect. But if you’re going to go on this witch hunt at least present things accurately. Very unprofessional.

    Then you promote Feminist Frequency and Polygon, and claim they’re well researched. That is factually untrue. Both parties have been called out many times for:
    – Blatant bias
    – Misrepresenting the facts
    – Purposely slanting stories
    – Omitting important contradicting facts
    – Entirely fabricating stories

    Maybe you should pay more attention to the media you consume, because you’re promoting some of the worst media on the other side of the spectrum.

    • Hey thank you for reading 🙂 I’m not sure you fully understand what satire is? Just because you frame something as a mocking of something else, does not mean that thing is above criticism. I feel my research has demonstrated consistent issues, and while each individual point may not be a whole case by itself when you take everything together it paints a clear picture of discriminatory, gross thinking.

      As for your second point I am critical of the media I consume, and while FemFreq and Polygon are not perfect they are a hell of a lot better than Dunkey.

      • Mr.I Don't Give A Fuck

        fuck off polygon is the center of shit and lies and FemFreq cant even take criticisms

      • Hey thanks for reading 🙂 Polygon isn’t perfect, neither is FemFreq, but both at least try to push the boundaries of game content and community to be better. Also for a guy who says he doesn’t give a fuck you sure seem to give a fuck about this article… might need a name change.

      • Man U big gay

      • I don’t think dunkey claims to be a valid source on anything which makes him better than improperly sourced second rate opinion pieces who do. 🙂

  8. Thompson

    I like how you said one of the Youtubers to be avoided is Sky Williams, who is a gay and black man.

    • Hey thanks for reading 🙂 The reason I included those who’ve done videos with Dunkey was because by working with him they’re somewhat okay with what he does. I dunno, I haven’t watched a lot of Sky, we all make mistakes so maybe he realised his.

      • Thats an incredibly bigoted stance you seem to have, there, especially when considering how incredibly presumptuous it is to insinuate that someone is in moral perpitude just for working professionally with another person, who you find to have disreputable beliefs. Why have you refrained from mentioning LeahBee from that select roster of folks you’ve mentioned? She would be the most obvious candidate of “someone who is okay with what he does”, being that she’s a gargantuan part of a rather large amount of his videos that you’ve sourced, as well as being a huge part of his life.

      • Hey thanks for reading 🙂 I’ll add LeahBee too that’s a great point, she clearly supports a lot of Dunkey’s trash.

  9. Ihave Noemail

    This post is a MASTERPIECE, babyyyyyy!

  10. Mmmmartin

    Fuuuuuck you, guy, I don’t watch Dunkey’s videos because he is black!

  11. Hey, Stephan. Really like the post. I feel like some of your criticism is a little weak. The act of inflicting damage to a virtual woman in a video game isn’t really something I find inherently offensive any more than the brutality that virtual men, robots, animals, or monsters face with regularity, though I agree that the language he regularly uses while doing it is a problem. That said, I agree strongly with you and I have a lot of conflicting feelings about Dunkey as both a queer person and a person who finds “the rest” of his content really funny, insightful and entertaining.

    • Hey thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 Dunkey has some genuinely entertaining content, and he’s a very clever editor. As all the other comments have pointed out the majority of what I’ve detailed happened several years ago, and his later stuff is insightful and occasionally funny.

      You’re right in that there’s nothing inherently offensive in damaging virtual women, it’s that he’s doing it in the context of a society where women face much more physical and sexual abuse than men as well as the extremely sexist and derogatory language he uses while doing it.

      I appreciate your comment and welcome your perspective as a queer person. The only way my content could get better is through learning new perspectives. Thanks again 🙂

  12. Well, ya’ll triggered me hard.

    I honestly cant tell if you’re a troll, or if this shit is all for real, but this level of over-the-top hair-splitting, along with your supposed (and possibly collective?) inabilty to descern possible actions in video games from murder in reality has activated the deepest part of my lizard-brain that hisses the hissiest of hisses at grossly incongruous illogic.

    This is fucking genius!/I’m going to burn your house down 🙂

  13. Shivangi R

    My issue with this is that you seem unable to listen to people of the demographic that you seem to be defending. Minorities and other disadvantaged people don’t need someone telling them what they should be offended by. There’s a trope called “White Savior”. You seem to be using your privilege to speak down to others and you’re not really listening.

    ‘m a woman, and I’m a woman of colour. As an FYI, women aren’t children that need to be protected from the real world and neither are minorities. Channels that *satire* opinions like this actually help because it makes us feel like the larger culture is “on our side”.

    I’m glad you’re working on addressing these concepts but please listen to people when they speak. It is disingenuous when you excuse their behavior as internalized self hated.

    • Thank you for reading, Shivangi, and taking the time to reply. I hadn’t thought I was being a white saviour, but I know as a white man it’s important to listen to those who aren’t in the same place of privilege I am.

      The goal wasn’t to tell disadvantaged people what they should be offended by, but rather this piece was aimed at my straight, white, male friends who love Dunkey unconditionally without applying a critical lens to his content. I’m sorry it came across as speaking down to you, I will definitley try to rectify this in future pieces.

      • Shivangi R

        No it’s good you’re being critical. But contextualizing things is also important. In every forum you participate in, you make a passive agreement with the others participating in that forum. Be it reddit, youtube etc. Each have limits on what kind of speech is allowed and what kind of discourse can occur.

        With channels like Dunkey (I’ve checked out some of his videos now), it’s very obviously satire. And satire as a tool is very powerful and tbh offensive speech is as well. Leaders on both sides use and manipulate offensive speech to get others on their side. Progressives look at Milo and Hitchens and the alt right makes an example of people like Big Red. But satire is able to link the two and point out to the general public that hey, most of those crazy people are just crazy–you shouldn’t discredit the movement just because of a few misinformed people.

        It’s good that you’re looking into speech and addressing when it can be harmful, but drawing a solid red line can also do some harm. When you remove context it also muddies your point and this will only serve to discredit you. In the world of academic writing, it is important to maintain your analytical ability and honestly examining context is important. Whether it be the context of personal privilege, the medium or the forum.

        Basically, examine the greys a bit more is what I’m saying.

    • el gamming burro

      I am actually a white woman of color and culture myself, and I share your opinion ma’am.

  14. Stack McGee

    Whilst reading through replies, I noticed you said that the joke about the Siren video was bad because it was made “in the context of a society where violence against women is a much bigger problem than violence against men”, which is false. Jason’s videos, and especially the Dunkey character, are not set in reality. This is evident in the Siren parody video, where he sets the video in a sort of fake reality where the extreme stereotypes of feminist misandry and male-perceived female ineptitude are true. The viewer is given no context in the video that it is set in a place where violence against women is an issue, which is obvious from the lack of exposition given towards that argument. What baffles me also is that you also say “there’s nothing inherently offensive in damaging virtual women”, but you remark that it is not okay to be entertained by it. If you’re going to put a specific form of violence in a video game, why create it if not for entertainment? You assume that we’re supposed to perhaps hit a woman in a video game and not have it be for entertainment (for whatever reason)? This falls apart because entertainment is the essential basis for playing a game, and if you support the violence, you support the act of being entertained by it.
    Please don’t take this too harshly, it is intended to be constructive criticism.

  15. Videogamechinko

    You’re an absolute fucking moron. Learn to take a joke instead of taking everything so god damn seriously. You call dunkey homophobic, but fail to realize that his best friend Sky Williams, whom he’s made several videos with is gay. People like you are why liberals are so strongly disliked. Your petty attempts to make every fucking minority ‘oppressed’ is getting quite old. People like you and Anita Sarkeesian constantly complain about how women are portrayed in video games, but never talk about how men are portrayed in video games. You complain about how dunkey uses violence against women in video games, but if you had done any research at all, you would realize that dunkey’s used far more violence towards males in video games. Also, it’s a fucking video game. It isn’t real. If you’re actually that sensitive to the point where seeing someone calling a fictional, digital character a ‘big tits bimbo’ offends you to the point where you make a hate piece on them, you need to re-evaluate your life. Your attempts at censoring comedians, especially youtubers like dunkey, have constantly failed, and for good reason. Literally everyone knows your articles mean shit all, and that your entire career is a joke. If you think that this article will change anyone’s mind on dunkey, you are sorely mistaken, anyways, I think I’ve lost a few brain cells from reading this steaming pile of whale shit.

    (P.S if you watched dunkeys 100k face reveal video, you would know he’s actually of Puerto Rican decent, and if we’re going by your dumb ass leftist ideologies, you would know that people of color cannot be racist, Oooo, Gotcha there you fucking fence post)


    -Ice Knack

  16. Capitalism was a mistake

    This was the actual saddest “article” I have ever seen. I find it funny how you criticized Cr1tikal and Sky Williams for communicating with Jason, but you clearly know nothing about them. Cr1tikal has come out multiple times stating that he despises nazis and Sky Williams is a gay black man, something that you (being a white-knight beta male) should like. As for the “all you Asians look the same” comment, Jason was making a comment on how the character graphics looks exactly the same, having the same skin color, faces, etc. Please do some real research on a topic, and stop taking jokes so literally.

  17. Anonymouse

    How do you have time to write this while taking care of your wife’s black son?

  18. ass eater

    you’re a fucking baby dude. grow a fucking dick faggot.

  19. Stephan N. Reilly, you seem like a genuine kind, young man. I’m very happy that you have brought such issues to light. I will no longer continue watching this shrewd content. You have enlightened me, Thank you.

  20. Hey Dumbass

    You are a fucking retarded dumb faggot. Women, homosexuals, and minorities don’t need to be fucking coddled and should be treated with the same respect as everyone else. Ironic that you’re criticizing Dunkey for apparently being racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. yet do much worse shit than anything he’s ever said. Killing a man in a video game is fine, but somehow doing the same to women is sexist? Almost every point you brought up could easily be disregarded if you would actually look at the context of when it was said. When he said that all asians look the same, he was saying that because the three asian girls in front of him were literally the exact same models. Either you’re an actual retard or extremely ignorant. By coddling minorities, women, and homosexuals you are implying that they need to be protected, as if they’re weaker. How the fuck can you not see how that is actually racist, sexist, and homophobic. Stop being such a pussy you ignorant dumbfuck brainlet.

    I sincerely hope this is bait.

    • Hey thanks for reading 🙂 this isn’t bait, I wrote this a year or so ago, and definitely think I didn’t dig deep enough into the actual motivations of Jason. I know he doesn’t wake up every day and decide “hey let’s make trans jokes today” but looking at the motivations behind his content and how it plays into the larger toxic gaming culture is something I think we should do more.

      • Hey Dumbass

        In what way is calling someone “Urkel with tits” transphobic? The joke wasn’t “lmao she looks like a guy,” he just made a joke about her appearance and how she looks like Urkel. Stop getting offended by every little comment you faggot.

      • Hey thanks for reading, sorry it upset you 🙂

      • As a black bisexual male considering transition, this comment is the final straw. I don’t need another white dude telling me what to be offended by. I’ve been watching Jason’s content for years and these ‘quotes’ and statements by him are taken greatly out of context. Instead of tackling real issues you complain about some dude making comedic videos. Honestly just fuck off.

  21. Timothy Brentwood

    That’s my dunko!

  22. Jeezy Creezy

    Had no clue who he is but now I want to watch his stuff cause it sounds right up my alley.
    (also I really hope this is satire but I doubt it)

  23. Dude. You don’t even have a painting of Shrek.

    Also: You’ve heard this billions of times and you most likely still label it as “the satire card” but it’s just satire, nothing more. You’re making more of what it was. Goodnight dad. Love you.

  24. Yall fucking stupid as hell lmao if its funny as hell den is funny as hell, fucking snowflakes cant take some locker room talk, when did saying the word bitch be sexist, if you dont like is humor dont fucking watch his videos and crusify him cuz his fans fucking love the stuff he does

  25. Instead of discussing real issues you complain about a comedian. Fuck off, you’re the definition of white privilege.

  26. you know most functioning adults can differentiate fiction from reality

  27. Anonymous

    How about you go fuck yourself? Oh right, you probably like to do that, since you are a soy faggot.
    Just kill yourself and the world will be better without you.

  28. What a legend, I’m subscribing him.

  29. i like how you defend the griefer trying to ruin a game as if dunkey is in the wrong for insulting someone who’s being an asshole to him

  30. Venom Snake

    fact: the only good woke gaming youtubers are the ones that are associated with nintendo. see:normalboots now and hidden block

  31. This is the problem with our modern “outrage culture.” People get offended at anything and everything just for the sake of being offended. If you really cared about gay people, disabled people, ethnic minorities, women, etc, maybe you would be writing about something that actually affects these groups negatively, not internet comedians. It just shows how fucked up your mindset is when you feel you have to white knight for these “victimized and vulnerable” groups (which is pretty damn condescending, considering these people can stand up for themselves perfectly fine.) I guarantee that people that are truly victimized and vulnerable have much bigger things to worry about than satire, and the only people offended by this style of comedy are privileged white people. Comedy has always been used as a way to make light of sensitive topics. If you start limiting what people can make jokes about, you defeat the purpose of comedy. We would have never had George Carlin or Dave Chappelle. Nothing is off-limits in comedy. If you really believe Dunkey is a hateful person because of his style of humor, I would hope you learn to stop taking everything so seriously and lighten up a little. This is why people get called snowflakes, they take everything so seriously they can’t discern between what’s important and what’s not. I know many gay people, black people, women, whatever, that love Dunkey, and I can tell you he has done more for them than most people ever will, just by making them laugh.

    • Brandon Stark

      ” I guarantee that people that are truly victimized and vulnerable have much bigger things to worry about than satire, and the only people offended by this style of comedy are privileged white people.”

      This is sadly the truth and it’s incredibly ironic.

  32. Fotze Keiblhaxn

    Imagine being this performatively woke

  33. Brandon Stark

    I think it’s a good thing that over the last couple generations people have been more and more standing up for groups of people (LGBTQ and others) that did not receive respect or representation, or even basic freedoms. We are in a better position with equality than we have ever been and we are going to continue on that route as equal respect becomes a more casual thing.

    The subject matter of this article represents the exact opposite of that, and is part of the reason many people continue to reject progressive ideals and refuse to take it seriously. Because of articles like this, when people think of liberals, they don’t think of the people making clear progressive stands on very clear issues deserving of attention, they think of people like you. I don’t know you as a person so I cannot claim to know your motivations indefinitely, but I do not believe your motives for making an article like this are sincere. If you were to conjure up a list of names of famous people or youtubers who make very clearly offensive content, statements, or actions against people, there are about a million individuals you could choose before Dunkey. No one stands behind this idea of yours, it’s pretty clear since you aren’t getting a drop of support in the comments. You would be supported if ANYONE other than you thought this. I truly believe this is filler nonsense, and you are one of the many people bandwagoning on the progressive train to try and make yourself look like an icon.

    People in the Civil Rights movements were the strongest of strong people, they would sit in diners and get beat by police, then do it again the next day until they began to be treated fairly over (an unfairly long period of) time. People like you hear an offhand joke, and your heart stops beating and your bones crumble to the ground. Making articles like this do not help your cause, it distorts it, and pushes people away. You are the reason that when a woman marched at the woman’s march, she would get written off as being a “snow flake” or many other of the bullshit terms thrown around. You are not strong.

    There are people right now in the U.S. who believe abortion should be illegal, write an article about that.

    There are actual, real life Nazi’s in the U.S. Write an article about that.

    Write about one of the many atrocities that take place daily in Africa, or China, or Indonesia, or many other countries.

    Gay propaganda is banned in Russia, write an article about that.

    There are civil rights violations occurring everywhere in world including first, second, and third world countries.

    You could write a whole book about any of this, but to try and fit your video game theme, you target a dude literally no one has a problem with. Really stupid.

  34. You’re one crazy liberal extremist. 😂 I ain’t even gonna put the effort into making a counter argument. Everyone with a brain already has. Continuing to support a genuinely kind, funny, and talented YouTuber.

  35. I thought this was satire at first. I think you missed the memo but like dunkers a meme man.

    The persona is supposed to do the stuff it does because the memes. It’s like filthy frank if you take what’s going on seriously you’re reading into this and adding your own flavors beyond the basics of the meme. I am honestly surprised with how half-hazardly your article is peace’d together too, what game did you love that he trashed? Knack?
    This peace feels like you just wrapped up running a booth for something like “F3m4l3G4M3rsUn1t3d4G41n5TP4tri4rchy” at some convention that we all know wasn’t pax west and came across dunkey that evening and spewed out this blatantly slanderous list of his videos in a drunken haze as you stare at the nights sky from a hotel room. Alone.

    The guys a meme. All if youtube is a meme.

    Drink some water and take a breath it’ll be okay. You’ll find out that everything’s a meme soon.

    Also. A+ on your advertisement—er.. “Journalism.”

  36. It’s really fucked up that you’re targeting Dunkey when he’s obviously a well-meaning and nice dude. You clearly have no sense of humor and fell for the SJW shit so hard. You’re wrong if you don’t think that girls laugh at plenty of these jokes, simply saying the word “bitch” in a joke doesn’t automatically mean you’re sexist because context matters and an 8-year-old could tell you that.

    Please go fuck yourself and spend your time more wisely.

  37. Shut up jon tron

  38. Aravind Anand

    I don’t completely agree with you, but I have the utmost respect for how you’ve handled these hostile comments. I wish there were more people like you.

  39. Incel lifestylez

    Wow. This article is as bad as dunko is fat.

  40. Joshua Sanders

    This is ridiculous. And I’m usually the most SJW type person in the room. You realize that these “women” he’s speaking to aren’t real right? It’s a video game. I’m all for progressive ideas and equality for everyone, which contrary to what some people think we have not quite achieved yet, but this censorship of creative works has to stop. Saying certain words are never okay to say is just asinine. We wouldn’t have half of the greatest literary works of all time if all writers were scared of offending people with their vocabulary.

  41. CarlSagan6

    Look. I get that not everyone appreciates the same kind of humor. And that’s okay. I happen to be a fan of raunchy, politically incorrect humor. In my opinion, the particular words we use mean way, *way* less than the actual intention behind it. And if the intention is to be hyperbolic and make someone laugh, that’s okay… for me. Not everyone feels this way. And again, that’s okay. I love dunkey, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna quote some of the things he says in front of strangers. Because a) not everyone has the same taste in humor and I’m not out looking to offend people and b) if someone doesn’t actually know my actual views on things, they might mistake hyperbolic humor for the real thing. And if you’ve watched enough of dunkey’s bideos, I think you would agree that dunkey is not, in fact, racist, sexist, etc..

    Dunkey is playing a character, and that character takes the form of the proverbial little kid on the internet who just learned some new curse words and is dying to try them out. In other words, an irreverent dumb kid. A lot of us recognize that archetype and the fact of the matter is, dunkey is *making fun* of that archetype. He isn’t promoting racist; he’s making fun of it. Whether you agree with the means by which he makes fun of racism, that’s another story. But if someone watches a dunkey video and says to themselves “I want to literally be just like this guy,” that person probably doesn’t know what “humor” and “hyperbole” are.

    My point is, what dunkey says might offend you. And if it does, then I’m honestly in no position to say “you’re wrong.” That’s just your taste in humor and that’s okay. But in the mean time, please understand that other people have their own taste in humor as well. And to those people, again, the particular words used mean way, *way* less than the actual intention behind it.

  42. Dunkey is not encouraging misogynistic, racist, or homophobic. It’s a character. In Gaming for Girls, he’s not encouraging that behavior, he’s mocking the people who actually act like that. It’s very common among gamers especially in games like League to treat women like that. It’s a different type of humor dunkey uses and I guess that humor just doesn’t resonate with you. In the few glimpses into dunkeys real life character I have seen, he seems to be a good guy. The internet doesn’t idolize filthy Frank because he says racial slurs and makes fun of disabled people. His videos are obviously satire. Dunkey saying bitch doesn’t make him automatically a misogynist. He’s associated with Sky Williams, a black, clearly liberal guy. Focus on the serious issues in our world , not YouTubers who make satire videos

  43. Pingback: About my Dunkey Article… – Stephan's Universe

  44. Can I simply say what a comfort to find somebody that genuinely knows what they are discussing on the net. You definitely understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More and more people should check this out and understand this side of your story. I can’t believe you are not more popular since you most certainly have the gift.

  45. White nationalist

    Fuck off faggot

  46. What’s a satire?

  47. Everyone has different sense of humour. but you’re in no position to tell what jokes others should consider offensive. If you dont like it then don’t watch. As an idiot
    Asian I’ve never find a single stereotype shit offensive at all.

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