Our Telltale Wishlist

Telltale has made quite a name for themselves since they created their own subgenre of the adventure game with The Walking Dead back in 2012. Since then they have applied that same formula to several notable franchises from Borderlands to Minecraft and most recently Batman. Telltale’s uncanny ability to take an established property and put their own story-driven, quick time event laden brand over it to deliver something new has earned them quite a following. And while I don’t particularly like all of the work they do (looking at you Minecraft) they’re just printing money with these games so there’s clearly a huge market. So with that said, I thought it would be fun to think about some franchises that would adapt to the Telltale formula in an interesting way!



Telltale has already proven with their Borderlands series that they can do funny and it seems like a perfect fit for them to do an Archer series in the same vein. They’ve already been getting into more multi-episode stories with Season 7 of the show and so that setup would adapt quite well to a 5 episode Telltale series. Following Sterling Archer and the gang on a mission of espionage and binge drinking across various countries and thrilling gunfights would be a delight.



While not being a franchise, as it only just launched this year, Overwatch has already garnered unprecedented critic and fan reception. It’s incredible cast of diverse and lovable characters have inspired more fan art and projects than most games can do by their 5th instalment. So it makes complete sense for these characters and the world Blizzard has created to get the Telltale treatment.


I’ve loved MacGyver ever since I watched the show with my dad as a child. Something about the lighthearted 80s tone combined with fascinating DIY chemistry teacher solutions to ridiculous situations always kept me fixated. It would be a great fit to do a Telltale game set in between one of the seasons. There is so much mystery about parts of MacGyver’s life and so many interesting places to drop the player in that Telltale could conceivably do anything they want. Set against the Cold War there’s great potential to make a tense and engaging series in addition to the lovable 80s feel. And with the show being rebooted later next year now is the perfect time for a video game tie-in!



This one was Jen’s idea, but I totally agree. The Wasteland has proved time and time again to be a wacky place filled with wackier people. There’s anywhere in the world Telltale could take this one. I think it would be really interesting to explore the Southern regions of the USA, how did nuclear radiation effect the people of Florida who were already pretty wack before a nuclear fallout. Plus mutated crocodiles!



Another Jen idea, she had a bunch of thoughts for a Telltale Bioshock series. One possibility is a series on the twins from Bioshock Infinite that follows the events leading up to the accident that left them lost in between dimensions. The twins were one of the most mysterious and fascinating parts of Infinite and an exploration of their adventures would be awesome. Another idea we had was for a series that followed the trials of Daisy Fitzroy, the rebel leader who caused Comstock and his “utopia” so much trouble. Daisy was one of my favourite characters from Infinite and learning more about her and what led to the spectacular rebellion would be interesting. Needless to say, there are plenty of stories Telltale could explore in the Bioshock universe(s). From Rapture to Columbia or even another city entirely, just having a story that contributes to the world so many fans adore would be awesome.

Thanks for reading! What Telltale series would you like to see? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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