Introducing Power Couple Productions

Hello, friends 🙂 I’ve been running this blog on my own for about a year now. A lot has happened in that time. I graduated high school, I got into university and most importantly, I met my girlfriend Jen. You may not know this, but she has been helping me with my blog behind the scenes for a while now. She’s edited my posts, talked to me about the content and even inspired several of my pieces. She’s a hugely important part of my life and now I want to bring her in on another important part of my life through my writing on my blog. So today we’re happy to announce a re-branding of this blog from “Stephan Reilly’s Blog” to “Power Couple Productions”.

In case the new title isn’t clear enough, the biggest change from before is that Jen will now be a blog administrator and editor! She’ll be helping me with my articles, offering a great new perspective for those who want more than my fairly typical male one. I can’t wait to continue to build this blog with her and provide interesting, thoughtful and new insights through our writing. Thank-you so much to all my followers from the old blog and I hope you’ll continue to follow my girlfriend and me on this new adventure!


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