Great Detective Pikachu is a Thing

A new trailer for Great Detective Pikachu dropped today and it’s pretty amazing. The familiar Pokémon has donned Sherlock Holmes’ famous cap and taken to the streets to solve crimes. You read that correctly.

We know very little about this new game but what we do know is fascinating. Great Detective Pikachu is currently only announced for Japan and is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. This appears to be the first time Pikachu will be fully voiced and able to talk to other characters in the world. Disappointingly he sounds like just some random Japanese man but that may change. Pikachu’s facial movement are captured using real life actors and is surprisingly detailed. Pikachu has always been a hit with fans and gamers across the world so seeing him star as the main character in a single player adventure game is very intriguing. Check out the trailer:

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  1. […] Announced way back in 2016, we got some more details about the story in the upcoming Detective Pikachu. It seems Pokémon are behaving weirdly, being abnormally aggressive (Zootopia anyone?) in a town where they used to exist in harmony with humans. Detective Pikachu and local random boy Tim are on the case. It’s available for pre-purchase now on the 3DS eShop and launches March 23rd. […]


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