10 Most Anticipated Games of 2015

Stepping back from 2014 it is evident that it was a year of growing pains for the games industry. There were several broken game that scared everyone a little of the prospect of online centered gaming. That is why 2015 promises to be a bigger and better with developers having a year and a bit to get comfortable with the new hardware. This is the year that we will see the return of many beloved games as well as many new and exciting experiences. So here are my top 10 most anticipated games of 2015, hope you enjoy!

10. Quantum Break

Quantum Break is one of the most interesting looking games of 2015. The fundamental gameplay of time-stopping, bullet-redirecting gunfights seems super cool. The story, of what we’ve seen, also promises to be as interesting as the gameplay. Whether or not it delivers the same interesting gameplay and narrative throughout the whole game remains to be seen, but what we have seen so far is enough to get me excited.

9. Tom Clancy’s The Division

At first glance The Division appears to be just another dark, dystopic game about life after the apocalypse that we have become very familiar with recent years. But after further investigation it is clear this game is trying to be something different, something special. The first thing that sets it apart from other post-apocalyptic games is that its technology seems to be futuristic, unlike other games that have the old fashioned shotgun and pistol we’ve fired through so many times before. The Division’s arsenal is very different, and in a good way. The player makes use of drones, grenades that seek their target as well as a very distinctive HUD that projects onto the world the information you usually pause the game to view. Tools aside, the game is also very compelling on a technical level. In the demo we saw at E3 I was blown away by the amount of detail placed on things most games usually forget about. During a gunfight in front of the police station as the bullets were flying the environment was reacting in a way that felt real. When a stray bullet hit a tire you could hear it deflate and see the car slowly sink on that side. It’s the little details like that which get me so excited to jump into the world and explore.

8. Rise of the Tomb Raider

Everyone was a little taken aback by Crystal Dynamic’s 2013 reboot of the beloved Tomb Raider franchise. But now that the bar has been set high I have a lot of faith that this next Tomb Raider will not only meet the bar but surpass it. This game has the potential to be as drastic a jump in quality as Uncharted 2 was to the first Uncharted. I feel like this comparison has been made a lot and will continue to be made. This is compounded by the fact that both games are launching at the same time (supposedly). But I believe Tomb Raider is a different beast than Uncharted. Not just the fact that Lara is a girl and Drake is a guy, but the tone of Tomb Raider is especially darker than Uncharted. Lara is a survivor who fights for her very existence in the hostile environments she finds herself in. The feeling of helplessness is also a lot more prominent in Tomb Raider, and this is a nice change up from Drake’s seeming invincibility. We’ll find out in the fall whether Tomb Raider can do enough to feel different from Uncharted but my bet is it will.

7. Halo 5

343 Studios are 1 for 2 so far in Halo games. Halo 4 is one of the prettiest Xbox 360 games I’ve ever seen. Halo MCC collection, on the other hand, had one of the roughest launches the industry has seen in a long time. But I believe that 343 was earnest when they said that Halo MCC’s abysmal launch was a learning experience for the studio and that they are taking their newfound knowledge into the development of Halo 5 and in planning its online functionality. That is why I believe Halo 5 will be great. 343 is going to build upon the great foundation they have in Halo 4 and take what they learned from Halo MCC’s rocky launch and make the best Halo game yet in Halo 5.

6. The Order 1886

What excites me about The Order is its story. Set in an alternate history where humans and werewolves have been fighting for centuries, and losing this fight, the tides change with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. With new weapons, science and a little magic our heroes will take the fight to the werewolves. This premise fascinates me as Victorian London has always been one of my favourite historic settings. On top of an intriguing story are possibly the best visuals I’ve seen on the PS4 since inFamous SS. All in all The Order 1886 is shaping up to be a very memorable and endearing game.

5. Legend of Zelda

It’s always special when a Zelda games comes out on Nintendo’s home console. It’s an event, an experience, something exciting. This Zelda will be extra special as it is the first time we’ll see an HD installment of everyone’s favourite adventure game. Just from the short demo we saw at E3 I knew this game had potential. And than we saw it again at the Video Game Awards and I knew that this game is going to be something special. They seem to be reaching for a Skyrim style open world. This also probably means that the dungeons will be open to be tackled in any order. hHis excites me most of all. This game looks outstanding and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

4. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

What reason do I need to be excited for Hotline Miami 2 other than it is more of Hotline Miami? New characters, awesome new music from dozens of artists and of course the much touted creation mode. That’s why. The original Hotline Miami was a complete surprise for me. I was not expecting to love it as much as I did. And I did love it. The biggest surprise was the story, of which I was greatly involved. Hotline Miami takes gore and violence to a whole new level. It rewards you very finding as many different ways to cover the level in your opponent’s blood. That might sound off putting for some people and that’s ok. Hotline Miami isn’t supposed to be comfortable. It’s supposed to make you uncomfortable.

3. No Man’s Sky

When I think of No Man’s Sky the word that comes to mind is potential. Potential is everywhere and everything in No Man’s Sky. Anywhere you want to go you can go. Anything you want to do you can do. The sky is the proverbially limit (sorry). It’s a never before attempted idea. A procedurally generated universe that continues to expand and create new, unexplored galaxies and planets. Its every little kid’s dream.

2. Batman Arkham Knight

Now, I’m a little biased here. Batman is my favourite superhero of all time. I’ve been reading Batman comics since I was a kid. The Batman movies are some of my favourite movies I’ve ever seen. Taking all of this into account its no surprise I am stoked out of my mind for Batman Arkham Knight. It’s the last installment in Rocksteady’s unparalleled open world superhero franchise. The last piece of the puzzle that has been 6 years in the making. And it’s shaping up to be better than all the Batman games to come before it. Plus while I’m playing whenever someone asks what I’m doing I get to say “I’M BATMAN”!!!

1. Uncharted 4

Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us were two of the best games to come out last gen. That is why knowing Neil Druckman and Bruce Strailey, who were the heads of the team behind those two games, are at the helm for Uncharted 4 is all I need to know to be certain it is going to be an amazing game. From the 15 minute gameplay demo we saw at PSX it is evident that while the core Uncharted formula of melee fisticuffs and run and gun are intact Uncharted 4 has expanded and innovated adding new stealth possibilities as well as a sweet grapple hook. The grapple hook excites me most as it seems to mix up not only the different ways to take out enemies but also how you navigate the rock climbing portions of Uncharted we have come to know and love. Uncharted 4 has the potential to be not only the Game of the Year in 2015 but one of the greatest games to come out this generation.

Those were just 10 of the dozens of games I cannot wait to get my hands on in 2015. It’s going to be a great year, maybe even an awesome one if they all work on day one!

Honourable Mentions: New Assassin’s Creed, Evolve, Battlefield Hardline

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